Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Our program is focused on long-term results, which is why we address the cellular level. The premise of the program is that if the key hormones are not working properly, weight loss will be very difficult. In order for the body to begin functioning properly, the hormones must first be healthy.

Since toxins are a serious problem today, weight loss and toxicity go hand in hand. The cells, the weight loss hormones, and the hormone receptors will never work at their optimal level when there are high levels of toxins present. 

The CLWP is not interested in patching up the cracks in the wall by losing a quick 10 pounds. We address the core issue at the cellular level, which allows for quick and effortless weight loss. 


phase 1

The first phase is all about preparing the cell. We do this through decreasing inflammation, and preparing the body pathways for detox.

We ensure that the body is ready for the next phases by addressing deficiencies, removing allergenic foods, and preparing the gut for detox and weight loss.

Average weight lost is 5-10 pounds.

phase 2

Now that the cells are ready, detox begins. Functional nutrition is combined with personalized supplements to remove toxins from the cells AND eliminate them from the body.

The second phase is where we begin to implement various nutritional strategies for efficient weight loss.

Average weight lost is 5-10 pounds.

phase 3

The final phase of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program is the Ketogenic Diet - switching over to ketones for fuel. While assisting the body through nutrition and supplements, we gently transition into a pure fat-burning mode. 

Phase three is where the magic of weight loss happens - quickly and effectively.

Average weight lost is 5-10 pounds.

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