Meet Your Doctor

Thaddeus Sharikov DC Digestive Doc

Dr. Thaddeus Sharikov is a board-certified chiropractic physician specializing in tonal and rehabilitative care. His primary purpose is to empower people to live a fulfilling life through achieving their health goals.

On top of chiropractic, Dr. Sharikov has a keen interest in nutrition, weight loss and detoxification. His personal wellness journey opened up new fields for optimal body function – both on mental and physical level. Dr. Sharikov has spent hundreds of hours studying the latest science, functional medicine, and cutting-edge methods to optimize human health.

Dr. Sharikov speaks fluently in English and Russian. This is a blessing that allows him to effectively serve the diverse communities that he is a part of.

In his free time, Dr. Sharikov enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Julie and baby daughter Josephine. He loves the outdoors, traveling, and ministry work at his church.