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The Digestive Doc is here to provide real action steps for you to take back control of your health

We offer structured, physician-managed programs and services with a focus on a personalized plan for every individual

Our goal is to empower our patients towards lifestyle changes to create a better life through better health

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Our Programs

Functional Nutrition

We believe food is fuel. Everything that we consume eventually becomes the basic cells of our body. Whether you are looking for a mental or physical boost, nutrition plays a critical role in performance. Our program educates on how to live a healthy lifestyle in the real world.

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Detoxification Protocol

We live in a heavily toxic world. Toxins attach to fat cells and raise inflammation in the body. When the cells are inflamed, our hormones cannot communicate effectively. Eventually, this leads to weight loss resistance and other problems within the body. Our detoxification protocol addresses the cellular level for a deeper cleanse.

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Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

The Comprehensive Weight Loss Program utilizes powerful fat loss tools using nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Our program delivers results quickly and effectively, while providing gentle preparation and support to the body so that the entire process goes smoothly.

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Our programs provide cutting-edge information and tools that will help you reach your health goals.